We Are the World 25.75

We Are the World 25.75

November 29, 2010

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have 100 billion of my favorite comedians come through Phirmilab to record some songs for the 2010 Comedy Death Ray Christmas Album. This was the biggee. Hope you like it!

And, hey, why not buy the album! (download or physical CD)
All proceeds go to the L.A. Food Bank. (It’s a real charity.)

4 responses to “We Are the World 25.75”

  1. Damian says:

    Almost 3 months and no updates on the site, it’s good to have you back! And what a video! Awesome. Pure awesome. As always. 😀

  2. Joey says:

    I know it’s late, but Phirmilab = Best name ever.

  3. Mike Phirman says:

    @Joey: Thank you, Joey! Not late at all—got it in before the new year, so the books will balance nicely. Thanks again!

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