The Most Famous Car in Hollywood

The Most Famous Car in Hollywood

June 04, 2010

93 Accord Headshot

A few years ago, I sold my favorite car: a 93 Honda Accord. I hated selling him—not only because he was the “Black Pearl” of the Fourth Generation of Accords, but because he happens to be one of the most famous cars in America. I mean it: YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE AMAZED by all the times you’ve seen him in movies and TV shows and didn’t realize you were looking at my ’93 Honda Accord.

Here are screen captures from some of his greater moments on the screen (in no particular order other than comedic heightening):

He got his start in Universal Studios’s KNIGHT RIDER stunt show!93 Accord (Knight Rider)

Moving up, he was featured in this, the re-release of the classic BEN HUR!
93 Accord (Ben Hur)

Here he is in his first leading role opposite Tobey Maguire in SPIDERMAN!93 Accord (Spiderman)

His agent at AAA landed him this role in the original x-MEN! (So serious!)
93 Accord (Xmen)

He’s only in it for a minute, but what a minute to have on your demo reel: in Peter Jackson’s KING KONG!
93 Accord (King Kong)

This one’s exciting. I could not believe he actually got screen time right next to Tom Hanks in the DA VINCI CODE!
93 Accord (DaVinci Code)

He’s the only Honda Accord that can list LORD OF THE RINGS on his IMDB page (playing two different roles: ONE GOOD…
93 Accord (LOTR Fellowship)
…and ONE EVIL!
93 Accord (LOTR Ring Wraiths)

He was so good in Fellowship, they brought him back for THE TWO TOWERS!
93 Accord (LOTR Helms Deep)

This one, he wouldn’t shut up about for weeks, seeing as how SOUTH PARK is his favorite show.
93 Accord (South Park)

And most recently, look at him showing off here, racing down the streets in last year’s FAST AND FURIOUS 4! (I didn’t even know he could drive!)
93 Accord (Fast & Furious)
If you see him around, tell him his old manager Mike says “Hey!”

7 responses to “The Most Famous Car in Hollywood”

  1. Gina says:

    He’s so cute driving that sports car!

  2. Jesus says:

    That is an epic car and I just now became his new number one fan!!!!

  3. Charles Cox says:

    southpark is great! the best cartoon that i have ever watched’-,

  4. Wade says:

    He’s nice, but he’s not The Dasher.

  5. Mike Phirman says:

    @Wade My old friend, Wade! Ah, the Dasher exists now only… in legend. And probably in the San Luis Auto Salvage yard. But mostly… in legend. (Good to hear from you, buddy!)

  6. Jeff says:

    I am dying to see that last pic, but it won’t work! Any chance you could email it to me? Love your work!

  7. Mike Phirman says:

    @Jeff: Hey, Jeff! Sorry about that—server stuff. Hope it’s worth the wait. (and thanks!)

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