The Build-a-Song

The Build-a-Song

July 05, 2010

I love and admire pioneers like Reggie Watts, Jon Brion, Andrew Bird, Theresa Andersson: artists who can build a song, right there in front of you. So, I wanted to try that. Here’s how it went.

Filmed at the UCB theater, Los Angeles. June 15, 2010.

8 responses to “The Build-a-Song”

  1. Awesome clip! So freaking funny.

    Hope you come play the NYC UCB sometime. ^_^

  2. Mike Phirman says:

    @Jordan D. White: Thanks Jordan! Hopefully soon…

  3. Dylan says:

    Hilarious, made my day.

  4. Meredith says:

    Mike, It was nice to meet you. I love Build a Song so much. It is mind blowing and it is one of the most artistic songs I have ever seen performed. Build a Song reminds me of a Hungarian film called Hukkle, which means hiccup in English. Hukkle is set in a small Hungarian village and the musical soundtrack of the film is of ants moving, birds flying, an old man hiccuping while sitting on a bench, just your ordinary sounds you would find in a Hungarian village. I love the idea of seeing the world as one beautiful soundtrack and even farts are beautiful too.

    I am so glad I saw your performance in person. I truly love your work.

    So who are you, anyway? Who’s playing the music?

    Thank you so much for the free CD.

  5. J Bone says:

    Totally amazing, so good

  6. Aaron G says:

    There is a guy who did this all the time in our student union. He was easily the best person who did music at lunch in the union. He did a really badass Mysterious Woods (from the legend of zelda) remix live doing this exact thing.

  7. Matt Brown says:

    Such good stuff Mike. I’m loving surfing all your material right now. Work can wait.

  8. Rob P says:

    i got here thanks to hardwicks book the nerdist way and i saw this and was blown a way by it awesomely good and funny

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